Cream Concealer

Balance the complexion with a complimentary corrective cream concealer. 6 colours to counteract different colours on your complexion. Use the green cream concealer n°16 to neutralise redness (rosacea, high colouring, inflamed acne). Peach concealer n°08 counteracts blue shadows / dark circles around the eyes. N°09 concealer is for a more sallow skin and has a hint of yellow so will help balance between pigmentation and red tones. N°07 is a cream concealer in beige which is a neutral colour to balance many fair skins. Concealer n°12 is a great cream for fair / Celtic skins. N°11 is the lightest cream concealer, brilliant for highlighting and illuminating as it is very pale. Their creamy texture makes them easy to use before or after foundation application. Brush n°09 from Couleur Caramel is ideal for the eye and nose area. It give a flawless application.