Pink Lipstick Collection

Pink Lipstick Collection

Pink Lipsctick Collection

The Pink Lipstick Collection is a variety of pinks to suit everyone’s taste. The base colour of each is pink and the line includes: Lipstick 244 Matriochka Red (pink pearl finish). Lipstick 238 Acid Raspberry (red with pearl finish). Lipstick 262 Fuchsia (vibrant pink with cream finish). Lipstick 204 Rosy Red (pearl finish).

Lipstick 238 Acid Raspberry

Lipstick 238 Acid RaspberryLipstick 238 Acid Raspberry

Lipstick 244 Matriochka Red

Lipstick 244 Matriochka RedLipstick 244 Matriochka Red

Lipstick 262 Fuchsia

Lipstick 262 FuchsiaLipstick 262 Fuchsia

Lipstick 204 Rosy Red

Lipstick 204 Rosy RedLipstick 204 Rosy Red



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